Rainwater Harvesting Gulf Islands and Greater Vancouver
Rainwater Harvesting Gulf Islands and Greater Vancouver
  • Residential Rainwater Harvesting - Vancouver 

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Every year we choose one project to highlight, one project that stands out from the rest.  Here is our Highlighted Rainwater Harvesting Project in Vancouver for 2019

2018 Rainwater Harvesting Vancouver - Endowments Lands 

In Vancouver Endowments lands the homeowner of a new home approached Cleanflo Water Technologies and purchased a RainSeeker Rainwater Harvesting Underground System.  As authorized installers of Cleanflo systems we provided a full installation.   

Designs, Engineering, Permits - Direct from Manufacture when required!


Know the cost of the entire project before you spend any money.  Designing a rainwater harvesting system in Vancouver, BC using Cleanflo Water Technologies rainwater system is easy!   Firstly all of the systems are manufactured in Canada.  Second all rainwater systems are engineered making complex costly designs a thing of the past.  You simply choose a system, then we layout the system with you around your property.  The manufacture provides a detailed design and even a engineering stamp and seal when required.  

Rainwater excavation done by the PROs


Installing rainwater harvesting in Vancouver, BC requires excavation when installing a below ground rainwater tank. This excavation can result in uncovering unknown objects.  Can you spot the large concrete chuck that was found in this excavation.  West Coast Rainwater Harvesting and Storm Water Systems can handle any road blocks that come up during a installation. This excavation took 1 day to complete.

Cleanflo Water Technologies Manufactured in Canada - CSA Certified


Supplying a rainwater harvesting system in Vancouver, BC direct from the manufacture saves you money!  Don't get fooled by off shore imported  NOT-CSA Certified rainwater tanks.  Or worse a do-it-yourself-er system you paid professional costs for.  We provide professional rainwater systems from Cleanflo Water Technologies, called the RainSeeker Rainwater System.  RainSeekers are used everywhere in Canada and trusted by Architects, Engineers, Developers and Builders.

Authorized Installer Of Cleanflo Systems!


 The rainwater harvesting installation in Vancouver, BC  took place over 3 days.  We have over 10 years experience in the installation of rainwater harvesting. Rainwater from the roof is directed to an underground pre filter then into an underground rainwater tank. The overflow from the rainwater tank is directed to the city storm sewer. Inside the rainwater tank is an on demand rainwater pump, which will feed the irrigation system.  If the rainwater tanks gets empty a automatic valve will fill the rainwater tank with some city water in order to keep the system operational. This system will provide most of the irrigation water each year using rainwater.